How to being safe on the Internet

Being Safe on the Internet

Being Safe on the Internet
The internet is a great place to do research for school, share pictures with friends, play video games, or check out the latest trending videos. But it's important to remember that there are billions of people who access the internet. 

And not everyone has good intentions when doing so. You should think carefully before you share personal information, pictures, or videos on the internet, even if you think it is private. 

Nothing on the internet is completely private. It's a good rule of thumb not to put up anything that could embarrass you later. If you wouldn't want your grandmother to see it, then don't post it. And don't share private information with people you don't know.  

Being Safe on the Internet

Trust your instincts. If someone approaches you online and makes you feel uncomfortable or in danger, stop communication with them immediately and tell a parent or another trusted adult. 

It's best not to meet in person someone you've only met online, even if you've been communicating with them for a long time. They may not be who they have told you they are and it could be dangerous. If you do decide to meet someone online, it's best to meet them in a public place and not go alone. 

Always take a friend along just to be safe, and let someone else know exactly where you are going. And who you are going to meet. Bullying someone online through emails, social media, 

text messaging, or any other website or app is called cyberbullying. And it's still a form of bullying. It's often better to block, delete, or try to ignore bullying messages than to respond to them. If that doesn't work, getting help from a parent, school counselor, or another trusted adult might be a good idea. 

Being Safe on the Internet

That's especially true if the cyberbullying contains threats. Remember to always keep your personal information private. Check your privacy settings to make sure that only your friends can see what you post, and never, ever share your passwords with anyone else. 

The internet could be a wonderful place to explore. Just remember to stay safe while doing it.  Oh, what was it? My dog's birthday, shoot. OK. That didn't work. Oh I know, last four digits of my cell number. OK. That wasn't it. That might take a while.

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