How to set up Amazon Alexa Assistant in your BMW

How to set up Amazon Alexa Assistant in your BMW Car

How to set up Amazon Alexa Assistant in your BMW

Amazon Alexa automotive Integration allows Alexa to be utilized in your BMW with BMW software system seven. 

confirm your BMW is connected within the My BMW App. Then you'll activate Alexa as follows: Press “Profile” then “Amazon Alexa”. Connect your BMW ID to your Amazon account by pressing “Connect”. 

Enter your Amazon credentials and press “Sign-in”. you need to select your most popular Alexa language. In the My, BMW App confirm to show “Share Location with Amazon” on to induce localized data like the weather. there's additionally a tutorial accessible within the high right corner. 

In your BMW, confirm you're logged in with a constant BMW ID as within the app. Then head to “CAR”, “Settings”, “General settings”, “Personal assistant”, “Voice control”, and confirm that the boxes “Online speech processing” and “Third-party providers” square measure checked. 

By checking the box “Activation word”, Alexa is prepared to reply to you anytime. combine the mobile device with the vehicle via Bluetooth. In BMWs with software system seven, head to “COM”, “Mobile devices”, “New device” and choose “Phone calls and audio”. 

once connecting your phone via Bluetooth, check if all 3 icons square measure active. choose the connected mobile device and confirm the box “Allow connections” underneath “Apps” is checked. you'll use Alexa’s functions or stream your music nearly such as you square measure won't to from home. 

once the box “Activation word” is checked, simply say “Alexa”, directly followed by your command. “Alexa, however far is that the Moon?” [Alexa] these days, the Moon is 395,600 kilometers from Earth.


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