The biggest cyber attack on the United States

The United States, the world's most powerful country, is targeting cyber criminals.

The biggest cyber attack on the United States, theft of very secret files related to nuclear weapons!

The biggest cyberattack on the United States, theft of very secret files related to nuclear weapons!

Cybercriminals have carried out large-scale attacks on the networks of some agencies, including the National Nuclear Security Administration and the Department of Energy, which oversees the U.S. nuclear arsenal. Criminals are said to have been able to steal a large number of confidential files. The U.S. media company Politico provided the information to some officials in the relevant department in a report. Also, read- What is Linux?

As soon as the cyber-attack was reported, the National Atomic Energy Administration and the Department of Energy's team sent all information related to the hacking to the U.S. Congress Committee. So the government is not ready to believe that any confidential information has been stolen in the attack. It should be noted that the NNSA is responsible for the United States' nuclear weapons. Its attacks on the network appear to be a major deterrent to U.S. security.

Cybercriminals also targeted tech company Microsoft, but the company denied it, according to a report. The company said it had not suffered any damage and that other products had not targeted its use. However, Microsoft must admit that the software involved in the hacking was found in its system.

The U.S. agencies that have recorded the suspicious activity are the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission of New Mexico and Washington, the National Atomic Energy Administration, the Department of Energy, and some other agencies. All agencies targeted by cyber criminals control the United States' nuclear weapons storage and ensure their safe transportation. Also, read- SBI warns customers not to share this 7 information

The United States, however, suspects that Russia has carried out a cyberattack on it. The United States has repeatedly accused Russia of carrying out cyberattacks. It is understood that the responsibility for cybersecurity in the United States rests primarily with the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Protection Agency (CSA). The agency is said to have been very weak in the Trump administration.


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