What Is Linux?

You may be wondering why everyone is talking about Linux. What's going on? There are two answers to this question. 

The first is the correct answer, and that is: Linux is the core of the app. Also, read-When will PUBG Mobile India launch?

They are the essentials of software that integrates hardware, software, and user interaction. We call this KERNEL. Also, read- SBI warns customers not to share this 7 information

The second answer is puzzling: when some people say "Linux" what they are talking about are operating systems based on Linux… or, in other words, operating systems around the Linux KERNEL. Now, what is an operating system based on Linux? We often call them Linux distribution (or distros for short). 

The standard Linux distro contains the following: Linux Kernel The core of the operating system, this includes many drivers, or not all tools and libraries The command-line utilities that allow for quick, easy and program management Pack Manager Documents explaining how the software works and the various features of the app Frequently desktop software environment allows you to use your computer and mouse and create a graphical interface And finally, User Applications Word processors, web browsers, and more There are many Linux distributions out there. 

You may have heard of Ubuntu, Fedora, SteamOS, Arch, and others. Why is there so much Linux distribution? Yes, that's a good question. The simplest answer is because both the Linux kernel and the larger Linux software are free, anyone can create their own Linux distro to suit their tastes. And that’s exactly what’s boiling: the Linux ecosystem is ALL about choice. 

You get to choose how you want your computer to behave. You get to choose which software comes before installation. You get to choose what your desktop looks like and what key combinations it makes. Linux is up to you. 

The good choice comes with great responsibility - but only if you want it. There are a ton of options out there for the uneducated. Personality with Linux Mint comes to mind. Also, read-WhatsApp can make voice and video calls on desktop and web

These distros are designed to delight end-users; preceded by a complex initial setup that proves the biggest obstacle for the average user. But the benefits of Linux, even for Linux with proverbial training wheels, are enormous. Linux is free in terms of cost, and in terms of freedom, you can do whatever you need to do without asking the gatekeeper's permission. 

Linux blue death screens do not occur in the Linux environment. There are no registration errors, and things appear to be working without a complaint. Linux is secure within the Linux world, it is very difficult to detect a victim of a virus or other malware. Linux varies so much that you wonder where your cable or satellite box works? Linux. 

What about your phone? Many old and new phones are powered by Linux. What about luxury cars… or popular refrigerators? She guesses. Linux. Linux is cool raspberry Pi uses Linux. And so is this PC-enabled arcade cabinet. Also, read-You can change the address and mobile number on your Aadhaar card yourself


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