FBI to remove backdoors from hacked Microsoft Exchange servers,

FBI to remove backdoors from hacked Microsoft Exchange servers, in a first for a federal agency

A U.S. court has authorized the Federal Bureau of Investigation to directly investigate hundreds of Microsoft Exchange email servers across the US. Over the past four months, hackers have used the vulnerability of a server to attack multiple networks.

As part of the move, the FBI will be allowed to copy and remove the background, as announced by the Department of Justice on Tuesday, TechCrunch reported for the first time.

Microsoft acquired a new hacking team from China in March called "Hafnium" that targeted Exchange servers on corporate networks. Taken together, four risks allow hackers to gain access to the Exchange's compromised server and effectively steal its content.

Although Microsoft reported that the risk was severe, the patches from the back did not close. After the loopholes appeared in the public domain, many hacking groups began spending money on servers and installing software.

According to a statement from the Department of Justice, hundreds of Microsoft Exchange servers continue to be at risk as backlinks are still difficult to identify and discard.

The FBI is trying to notify server owners by email after the removal of the back doors. According to the Department of Justice, the project only removes the backlog but failed to fix the existing gaps. In addition, the malware installed by hackers has not been removed. This means that the first FBI is interfering in private networks after a cyber attack.


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