Google's new tracking method

Google's new tracking method DuckDuckgo is asking people to block new method

Apple isn't the sole company that incorporates a downside with Google’s ad following. DuckDuckGo has slammed Google’s ad following technique and has aforementioned that it's dangerous for privacy and teams users per their browser history and any web site will use that cluster ID to focus on them with ads etc.

Google recently announced FloC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) technology which provides a more confidential way to track users and provide them with ads. The company will install FloC in Chrome and it will automatically open to millions of its users.

DuckDuckGo has revealed that as a Chrome user you will be "surprised" to find that you have automatically logged into Google's new tracking system.

"Identifies you based on your collections based on your interests and demographics, which can be found in your browsing history, allowing unwanted advertising and other targeted content other than third-party cookies," DuckDuckGo said in a statement.

"After a short trial, Google decided not to launch this new tracking system and instead started automatically adding millions to the system. If you read this in Chrome while signed in to a Google Account, yes, that means you, too, and if not now, in the end, "they added.

A web browser focused on privacy has asked people to block FLoC tracking to protect their privacy.

"Do not use Google Chrome! Currently, FLoC is only in Google Chrome, and no other browser vendor has expressed a purpose or interest in using it. -iOS or Android recommends using our mobile browser, which provides automatic security of the category when you search and browse ".

DuckDuckGo added that in response Google automatically unlocked FLoC, upgraded the blocker tracker in its Chrome extension to block all FLoC connections on websites.

"This is in line with the one purpose of our extension to fully protect your privacy as you use your browser. It's private, simplified," DuckDuckGo said.

According to reports, the company is now waiting for Google to approve its updated Chrome extension, and an update should appear in the Chrome Web Store soon.

"Do not sync your historical data with Chrome, or create a sync entry phrase. In Google Activity Management, disable 'Web and Applications' or 'Insert Chrome History and activity from sites, applications, and devices using Google services, "DuckDuckGo advised.

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