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AI is also known as artificial intelligence. artificial intelligence is a problem-solving program. 


Techno Odisha

The definition of AI is it is used for problem-solving and the development of computer programming. It is deeply discussed about machine learning and big data. Nowadays computer programs are used for visual perception, speech recognition, and decision-making, which was earlier used by human intelligence. 


Artificial intelligence was born in June 1965. At DARTMOUTH, a group of mathematicians and scientists discussed thinking computers. It is also called 


There were highs and lows for development. Years were passed on developing computer intelligence and were left out. In early years a flurry of work has been done developing and merging this exhilarating intelligent technology into daily lives. 


AI and algorithms are designed by humans. 

• Human intelligence has a greater capacity for multitasking, self-development, remembrance and sociability. 

AI doesn’t have IQ but human intelligence has it. 

• We cannot train a machine for computing feelings. There are so many aspects of thought that AI cannot master. 

• Humans can do automate multitasking or create autonomous relationships. 

• Machine can’t enclose so much but human intelligence does. 

• perceptive learning and machine learning is separate from each other. 


Techno Odisha

Artificial learning is processed data through advanced algorithms. It should be known that it combines large data sets with algorithms and grasping the patterns. Let’s know more about its work. 

  1. Machine learning
  2.  Intense learning 
  3. Cognitive computing 
  4. Computer sight 


Techno Odisha

• Machine learning is a familiar way for programs to find patterns as well as to increase their intelligence over time. 

• Machine learning is used to find hidden intuitions from data, without being programmed for what to conclude. 


• Intense learning is a component of machine learning, with more layers, and larger data sets. 

• Intense learning uses huge ANNs with many layers, it takes advantage of its size to process large amounts of data with a complex pattern. 


• Cognitive computing(cc) is a technology-based platform. It has a goal for human needs. 

• They can think like robots and can respond like a human. 


• Computer sight is used for pattern recognition depth learning to understand a picture and video. 

• The machine can look around and take pictures in the meantime. With this, we came to the conclusion that AI can give human-like interactions but can’t replace human beings. 


Techno Odisha

AI made our lives more convenient and exciting in many ways. Some of them are shown below. Online shopping, educational materials, chatbots, self-driving cars, voice identification, and health maintenance techno. 

i. Online shopping: online shopping systems use algorithms to know more about your priority and bring attention to that particular thing. Many retailers use this process to grab your attention. 

ii. Educational materials: AI is useful for education purposes to check plagiarism and can help teachers and students to get rid of that. AI systems use the database to know everything in a fraction of a second. It checks spelling, grammar, and more. 

iii. Chatbots: Companies use AI to strengthen customer care. chatbots are used to connect with customers and respond to their needs without human presence. This gives a human level of communication. 

iv. Self-driving cars: In this, it helps the car to act and react according to the surrounding through machine learning and visual recognition in autonomous vehicles. In self-driving cars, facial recognition helps to recognize people and keep them safe. These cars are aware of traffic rules, signs, and more. 

v. Voice identification: Mostly, in our daily lives we take the help of Siri and Alexa for directions and set home as a smart home respectively; this technology is a form of AI system. Through voice recognition, it helps us to do our work smartly and help them to know our presence. It helps to perform a task. 

vi. Health maintenance: Artificial intelligence is playing a lead role in healthcare management to check new tools, diagnose patients and develop medicine. Technology is advancing at a rapid speed in our lives. There are many other uses of AI in our livelihoods. 


Techno Odisha
AI systems are impacting our daily lives. People are depending on artificial intelligence for their personal needs. There are many demerits and merits of AI. It's upon us to how to tackle it. AI is expanding even more in industries over time. 

Many people are facing problems in this, some losing jobs because robots are replaced by it. Human affection can’t be replaced by robots. There such professions which cannot replace by robots are doctors and teachers. The work they do with patients and children is unpredictable no machines can replace it. Same with business also machines cannot have the same interactions with humans. Humans are the only ones who can interact, instant decision-making and maintain relationships, etc. 

Now it's high time, have an educational qualification in IT and enroll yourself in artificial intelligence. Be a part of AI career the world-changing revolution.

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