What is file and folder?

Definition file & folder

A file can be defined as a container that can hold any data, instruction, and information in any form like text, image, audio, video, etc. and a folder can be defined as a container that holds any number of files as well folders inside it. 

How to create a FILE and FOLDER? 

The following are the steps to create a file and folder. 

1- Move towards the place where you want to create an object. (Here object means file or folder) 

2- Right-click on the blank space of that area and from the menu click on NEW. 

3- Then click on the type of files or folder which you want to create. 

4- Then assign a name for that file or folder and then press the enter key to fix it.

Sub Menu

when we click on a menu with a right triangle or greater than a symbol, the menu which is displayed is called Sub Menu.

woking wait FILE or FOLDER

1. How to create a duplicate copy or keep BACK UP (Using Mouse)

First, select the object 

Right-click on the selection and then

From the POP-UP menu click on the COPY option

Move towards the place where you went to keep that object

Then right-click on the blank space of that target area 

Click on the PASTE option.


(Using Keyboard) 

> First select the object 

> Press Ctri+C from a keyboard 

> Move towards the place where you want to keep that object 

> Then press Ctri+V. 

Especially we select objects for copy, move, and deletion purposes. 

How to select objects 

> Use drag and drop system around the objects for selection through mouse 

> Press shift key in conjunction with cursor movement keys for selection. 

> Hold Ctrl key while selecting to select misarranged objects.

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