Concept of Internet

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Concept of Internet

The internet is a linking of many computers all over the world by using devices is called routers and use common protocols known as TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol)

The primary purpose of the internet is to share information and communicate with remote PCs. The internet is noted as a single, centralized system to which we can pay for; in fact, there are some internet service providers (ISP) when we pay periodically for getting the internet services.

In the past. most of the IPS's (Internet Service Provider) was run by telephone companies, but nowadays even some private groups who have sufficient money and expertise can be the ISP's 

Internet Connection to the Computer

BSNL is India's No. 1 Internet Service Provider,
The above shows the typical setup required for getting the internet working at your place.

We can access the data in remote machines using the internet through browsers.

A web browser is called a client-side program that allows users to read hypertext documents on the www (world wide web).

The most popularly used web browsers are,

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Browser
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari
  • Opera
  • Brave

Popular Web Browsers

Techno Odisha

The web page is a document on the world wide web (www) and using a web browser we can access various web pages.

The web pages are stored in a computer called a web server ( The host computer is capable of providing information to other system is called a server),

The website is a collection of many web pages. Users can browse these web pages using web browsers by typing the link address in the address bar.


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